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Python 3.2 is already installed on my computer but ArcGIS wants version 2.7

Question asked by goethe321 on Feb 2, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by elevatedintel
Hey there,

while trying to use the "Raster Calculator", I got the error message that Python 2.7 is not installed.
That is right, as while installing ArcGIS I decided not to install PYthon 2.7 as I already use Python 3.2 on my computer.

Is there a possibility to change the settings so that ArcGIS uses the 3.2 version?
I definately need the 3.2 version of Python for other university stuff. Can I have two different versions of Python on my computer at the same time?
Or any other solution?

I really don't know how to solve the problem and would be very thankful for any advice...