Cannot publish a Map Service without AGS forcing a data upload

Discussion created by blekros on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by mvolz47
I have registered an SDE geodatabase with ArcGIS Server.

I have an MXD that refers to the same geodatabase and so proceed to "share as" in ArcMap

I fixed the "Analyze"-detected problems so all that are left are warnings.

I click publish, spins its gears, until it asks me what data to upload.  WTF, I don't want to upload any data, just publish my flippin' MXD after 3 days of horsing around...

Where in any dialog do you EXPLICITLY connect your MXD to a published datastore?   And if you can't do that, how does it ACTUALLY do it behind the scenes then?  Is it comparing Oracle alias name?   .sde connection file names?

Beyond frustrating.