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Feature Cursor adds incorrect feature to ISet

Question asked by ginomellino on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by ginomellino
Hi all,

I am attempting to create a collection of IFeature objects based on whether or not they fail a test so that I can add them into a new featureclass (as a kind of error report - if there is a better way to accomplish this then please please please let me know). I use a featurecursor to test each feature for geometry and attribute matches and then if they fail I add them to an ISet (pSet.Add(pFtr)). The problem is that when I do this instead of adding the erroneous features it adds ONLY the final feature in the test feature set. I have not been able to find any information about this which makes me think, a.) This is a random one off bug or b.) There is a much better way to do this. Can anyone please tell me where I am going wrong with this?

Thanks in advance

Private Sub RunCompareTool(ByVal basefeaturelayer As IFeatureLayer, ByVal testfeaturelayer As IFeatureLayer)          ' This sub checks that each feature in the test layer exists within         ' the the base layer.          Try             'First Test that the geometry type is the same             If Not basefeaturelayer.FeatureClass.ShapeType = testfeaturelayer.FeatureClass.ShapeType Then                 MsgBox("Geometry types do not match and therefore cannot be compared." & vbNewLine & "Aborting...", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Geometry mismatch")                 Exit Sub             End If              'Next test that features exist in both layers             If basefeaturelayer.FeatureClass.FeatureCount(Nothing) = 0 Then                 MsgBox(basefeaturelayer.Name & " contains no features." & vbNewLine & "Aborting...", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Empty layer")                 Exit Sub             End If             If testfeaturelayer.FeatureClass.FeatureCount(Nothing) = 0 Then                 MsgBox(testfeaturelayer.Name & " contains no features." & vbNewLine & "Aborting...", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Empty layer")                 Exit Sub             End If              ' Get sub selection from base layer based on test layer extent and add to featurecursor             g_pMap.ClearSelection()              Dim psf As ISpatialFilter = New SpatialFilter             With psf                 .Geometry = testfeaturelayer.AreaOfInterest                 .SpatialRel = esriSpatialRelEnum.esriSpatialRelIntersects             End With              Dim basesel As IFeatureSelection = basefeaturelayer             basesel.SelectFeatures(psf, esriSelectionResultEnum.esriSelectionResultNew, False)              Dim basecursor As IFeatureCursor             basesel.SelectionSet.Search(Nothing, True, basecursor)              ' Get feature cursor on all features in test layer             Dim testcursor As IFeatureCursor = testfeaturelayer.Search(Nothing, True)              ' Use iteration through the tow featurecursors to compare all features within the              ' test layer with the baselayer and use the results to flick a boolean switch if a             ' match is found.              Dim pRelOp As IRelationalOperator             Dim basefeat As IFeature = basecursor.NextFeature             Dim testfeat As IFeature = testcursor.NextFeature             Dim layermatch As Boolean = True             Dim geommatch, attributematch As String             Dim workspacetype As Integer = GetWorkspaceType(testfeaturelayer)             Dim errorbag As IGeometryCollection = New GeometryBag             Dim errorset As ISet = New [Set]               Do While Not testfeat Is Nothing                 geommatch = "Failed"                 attributematch = "Not Tested"                  pRelOp = testfeat.Shape 'Set IRelationalOperator to test geometry                  'Reset base layer cursor                 basesel.SelectionSet.Search(Nothing, True, basecursor)                 basefeat = basecursor.NextFeature                 Do While Not basefeat Is Nothing                     ' Use IRelationalOperator to test the shape of the test feature for a match in                      ' the selected base layer                     If pRelOp.Equals(basefeat.Shape) Then                         geommatch = "Passed"                          'If selected then check this features attributes                         If cbbTestType.SelectedIndex = 1 Then                             If CompareFieldData(basefeat, testfeat, workspacetype) Then                                 attributematch = "Passed"                                 Exit Do                             Else                                 attributematch = "Failed"                             End If                         End If                         Exit Do                     End If                     basefeat = basecursor.NextFeature                 Loop                  If geommatch = "Failed" Or attributematch = "Failed" Then                     layermatch = False                     If chbProduceErrorLayer.Checked Then                         MsgBox(testfeat.Value(3) & vbNewLine & testfeat.OID)    '+++ Confirm that the features are the ones that failed the test.                         errorset.Add(testfeat)                                  '+++ These features in my test space (TestFeatureLayer) are OID 11 and 58.                         errorbag.AddGeometry(testfeat.ShapeCopy)                     Else                         'If no feature error record is being kept then exit loop and report layer match as false                         Exit Do                     End If                 End If                 testfeat = testcursor.NextFeature             Loop               If Not errorbag.GeometryCount = 0 Then InsertFeatures(errorbag)              '++++ This returns only the last feature from TestFeatureLayer, OID 153             errorset.Reset()             Dim test As IFeature = errorset.Next             Do While Not test Is Nothing                 MsgBox(test.Value(3) & vbNewLine & test.OID)                 test = errorset.Next             Loop              If layermatch = False Then                 MsgBox("TEST FAILED: Not all of the test layer features and/or attributes were" & vbNewLine & "found within the base layer :-(", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Results")             Else                 MsgBox("TEST SUCEEDED: All of the test layer features and/or attributes were" & vbNewLine & "found within the base layer :-)", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Results")             End If           Catch ex As Exception             MsgBox("RunCompareTool - " & ex.Message & vbNewLine & ex.StackTrace)         Finally             g_pMap.ClearSelection()             g_pMxDoc.UpdateContents()             g_pMxDoc.ActiveView.Refresh()         End Try     End Sub