Layer Names in AGO Web Maps

Discussion created by dsmetanatnc on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by dsmetanatnc
Hi folks,

Using Desktop 10.1 I've published several feature services in AGO.  I then created a web map, saved the feature services to web map and saved.  When I access the web map via browser or mobile device, the map legend labels the layers in the following format:

Original MXD Name - MXD TOC Layer Name, then below that provides the colored square and lists the MXD TOC Layer Name again.

In effect, this presents the browser and mobile user with a map legend that repeats the Layer name 3 times for each feature service (in this case I created one mxd per feature service).

I tried leaving the MXD TOC Layer name blank, but during the Publish to AGO wizard I was prompted to add a Layer Name.  I can edit the MXD Name in the properties of the Feature Service once in AGO, but AGO web maps still combine the Feature Service Name with the TOC Layer Name, then list that same TOC Layer Name again next to the fill symbol, so at a minimum there is still a duplication of the TOC Layer name in AGO the web map legend.

So how can we eliminate duplicate TOC naming?