ArcGis online and none public web maps ...

Discussion created by bliki on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by mminami-esristaff
We try to use ArcGis online as a working environment for producing webmaps. Before we publish content publicly we would like to share this inside the organisation. But this creates a lot of frustration because we get constantly the question to login.

The current setup doesn't allow a real working environment to make this possible. I list some of the daily problems we have.

1) We use ArcGis server to serve map services that then are consumed inside arcgis online. If we need to make these secure we need to ask people to use two accounts. One arcgis online and one for Arcgis server. A web map will ask both passwords all the time making it very confusing.

Solution: Maybe ArcGis server should be able to use the ArcGis online login mechanism and should do this transparently when used from ArcGis online...

2) Templates can't be loaded inside arcgis online making yet another website. These templates can be public but because we jump to another domain it requests once more for the login of arcgis online.

Solution: Maybe allow web templates to be uploaded inside ArcGis online.

Does anybody face the same issues and how did you solve these?