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ListWorkspaces command different for 10.1???

Question asked by msteinbrenner on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by curtvprice
so i have been having problems accessing tables in an mdb using arcpy on our server running arcgis10.1.

i think i have figured out part of the problem.

running this script:

import arcpy  arcpy.env.workspace = "\\\\STSHURON\\data\\gis_work\\data_maint\\Monthly_Update\\" wrkspc = arcpy.ListWorkspaces()  for workspace in wrkspc:     print workspace

running the identical script (above) our 10.1 machine lists none of the mdb files in the directory as workspaces. on our 10.0 box all the mdb's in the directory are listed. all the other files that could be listed as workspaces in the directory (other directories, excel files, etc.) are listed when the script is run on either box; the only difference seems to be the access databases don't show up with the script on the 10.1 box. any ideas as to why that is?