Transformation on Vector layer

Discussion created by pavsanto on Jan 25, 2013
I am trying to georeference a CAD DGN file. Initially i used a two point transformation using CAD transformation. But the transformed CAD had slight tilt and was not matching the coordinates of my Geo TIFF image for the same region. When I manually wrote down the polyconic coodrinates of CAD after displaying it, I found the map was kind of forming a  /  \ shape (conic projection). Hence was not exactly overlaying on Geotiff image. Hence I decided to Import CAD to Geodatabase and perform Transformation.

Upon searching in google, I found AffineTransformationMethod, Rubber sheeting Method and many other transformations in Spatial Adjustment Tools which were referring to ESRI.ArcGIS.EditorExt. Since I am developing an ArcGIS Stand ALONE application and have only ArcGIS Engine license only and donot have Desktop License. I could not use the Transformations specified in EditorExt. as it seems they can only be used in ArcMap editing sessions having Desktop license. Please let me know if EditorExt can really be used in a stand alone application in anyways ??

Later I looked at IGeoReference and ITransformationOp Interfaces in GeoAnalyst and Spatial Analyst libraries, But WARP function in  both Interfaces are applied on Raster dataset. Since I have Vector IFeatureLayer obtained from Geodatabase (converted from CAD) and am unable to find a Rubbersheet transformation that can be applied on Vector layer.

Please let me know if there are any other Interface that can perform georeference  or Transformation on Vector. If Not the Final thing i can think of is Convert Vector to raster dataset, georeference using Warp function, and covert back to Vector which is the worst case scenario for me.

As told earlier I cannot use Desktop related Spatial Adjustment Toolbar and GeoReferencing Toolbar. I only have a Developer ArcGIS Engine License.

Thanks in Advance,