ArcGIS for Server Mobile Maps

Discussion created by jvseagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Jan 24, 2013
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Currently it is possible to create Mobile Maps using REST (http://localhost/ArcGIS/Mobile/Content/MobileWeb/Maps).
While it works, this is a little bit manual and errors in JSON do occur quite often.

I believe that the Map being created by the REST endpoint is very close in structure with a WebMap from ArcGIS Online. I know that Esri is being pushing a lot AGS Online WebMaps but what happens to organizations that do not want to rely on AGS Online/Portal?

Will ArcGIS for Server ever provide a backoffice (UI) for creating services/maps for Mobile? Or we will have to continue creating them using the REST API? Hope not.

One current limitation is that if I publish a Map for Mobile in ArcGIS for Server I don't have a way of applying any sort of security to each individual Map I am creating...

Because of that, whenever a client/organization login to ArcGIS for Server I don't have a way of restricting the content just for that user. This is very clear when using the ArcGIS native app built for iOS, Android and Windows devices. If I connect to a GIS Server (instead of AGS Online) the app will list all Mobile Maps registered in ArcGIS for Server which is definetely not wanted.

Considering that at version 10.1 this support still does not exist, I hope that Esri starts applying more efforts in ArcGIS for Server because it is more important than ArcGIS Online which is just a CMS.

I am being forced to adopt AGS Online just because of the backoffice for managing the WebMaps (including security, etc) and also because most recent apps only work with AGS Online (example Collector and Operations Dashboard).

Hope that my assessment is wrong and that Esri has these features ready to be incorporated in the next service packs.