iFeature.getValue - null pointer - Java

Discussion created by ldonahue on Jun 4, 2010
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ArcGIS Server 9.3.1

I have a featureCursor that contains the result of a spatial query.  There is one record returned from the spatial query.

Some of the field values in my record have no values, which I guess are null values?  Everytime I run this program, I get a null pointer exception, whenever the loop encounters a field value that is null.

I've tried assinging the result of iFeature.getValue(int) to a temp Object, then testing whether that temp Object==null.  If it is null, then don't assign this value to a Bean property.

This works on most of the fields, except some.  I looked up the Java Docs for IField to see what type of field value I should have from the SDE featureclass.

Should I get the value of the field using either of the following?


featureCursor = featureClass.search(spatFilter, true);
iFeature = featureCursor.nextFeature();

if iFeature is not null
  loop through the number of features
    loop through the number of fields
      get the value of each field using the index - this is where I have a problem