arcpy.MakeGraph_management works in ArcCatalog Python window but not Python/Pythonw

Discussion created by simonwright on Jan 10, 2013
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Dear All

I'm trying to get the ArcGIS 10.1 MakeGraph_management tool working in Python/Pythonw but keep on getting a 'python.exe/pythonw.exe has stopped working' error.  However, when I run exactly the same code in the Python window of ArcCatalog or ArcMap it works as expected.

The code I'm trying to run is:
input_data = r'C:\smw\Workspace\ArcGIS10_1NetCDFTutorial\ArcGIS\ZonalStats01.gdb\ZonalStatistics'
out_graph = 'outGraph'
out_grf = r'C:\smw\Workspace\ArcGIS10_1NetCDFTutorial\Python\graph99.bmp'

print 'Creating graph...'
graph = arcpy.Graph()
print 'addSeriesLineVertical...'
graph.addSeriesLineVertical(input_data, 'MEAN', 'DATE')

print 'MakeGraph_management...'
arcpy.MakeGraph_management(arcpy.GraphTemplate(), graph, out_graph)
print 'SaveGraph_management'
arcpy.SaveGraph_management(out_graph, out_grf)

Does anybody have a solution or work around?  I've tried searching but can't see if this is a known error/issue.

I'm running ArcGIS For Desktop 101. in Windows 7.

Many thanks in advance of any help that people can provide.

Best wishes, Simon.