Correlation between source point and raster

Discussion created by kathryn.sweeney_noaa on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by jevans02
I am trying to find a correlation between a point feature class of sites (source) to high (optimal area) values in a raster (with continuous data).

I was thinking some sort of cost path analysis would be most appropriate however I'm not trying to find a least cost path between two points but rather find the least cost path, or most likely path considering distance from source point (the closer optimal values to the source, the better) to reach the optimal (high) value areas in the raster.

Any spatial statistic or spatial analysis tool ideas? I've created distance cost layers from each source point as well as a cost layer from the original raster with values I'm trying to correlate with but am stuck as I can't use the cost path tool.

Thank you for any help!