How to update feature-linked annotation

Discussion created by anannejh on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by aeronauticalsolutionteam-esristaff
Can you explain the difference between 'Create Feature-Linked Annotation' and 'Update Annotation' on the Aeronautical Annotation toolbar? I have a map instance and have populated rows in a Cartolayer for this instance and created annotation for the objects. I move the position for some of the text elements and export to a map.

After a while I want to make edition 2 of the same map instance where some objects have been deleted and some new have been created. After updating the Cartolayer, which tool should I use - create annotation again or only update annotation?

If an existing name have been changed I do not have to do anything since the text is feature-linked with the Cartolayer and updates automatically. Is this correct?

The important thing for us is that all text that have been moved from their original position to a better cartographic position will keep their new position since it is time-consuming to work with texts.