Huge performance differences between computers (GA for ArcGIS 10)

Discussion created by ansand on Jan 4, 2013
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Hello everyone,

We have some performance issues that we don't really understand. The datasets we we work with are very large, so we don't expect things to run very fast. However, we run ArcGIS 10 on two computers with similar prestanda, and processes that take 15 minutes on the older computer take several hours on the newer. Especially when exporting a geostatistical layer to raster, but also the statistics calculations for Kriging within the GA wizard. We have tested using the same dataset on both computers, so the difference is in the machines.

There are no hard drive encryptions turned on for either of the machines, and both computers are fairly "clean", with very few other programs installed.

"Old" computer: Dell optiplex 990, 3.4 GHz, i7-processor, 16 GB ram, 256 GB SSD, HD Graphics 2000
"New" computer: Dell optiplex 9010, 3.4 GHz, i7-processor, 16 GB ram, 2*256 GB SSD, HD Graphics 4000

The only obvious difference between the two is that the newer computer is partitioned on two hard drives. As each of them are the same size as the only hard drive of the old computer, it seems unlikely that it would cause the performance difference.

Any suggestions where to start looking?

Best regards