arcpy crashing mid-process

Discussion created by kass3 on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by kass3
I've had multiple experiences where arcpy crashes for no apparent reason as I'm running my code. Usually, it happens when I attempt to run a tool on the product of another tool. This time around, the problem is running MultipartToSinglepart on a Union product in a feature dataset, attempting to output to a different file geodatabase. This step occurs after I've completed the entire process for one feature class, and I am attempting to run it again on another one with different names. When I run this particular case again after the Python engine has been restarted, it runs to completion. As the Python engine itself crashes when it errors, I get no informative message as to what occurred and why.
For some background on my code, as I have taken a few safety measures already, I delete all cursor objects, delete all layers after their utility has run up, and am working in a file geodatabase. Is there anything else that may be lingering in my file geodatabase after some processing that will make Python crash so hard? If there is a fix, I'd like to try and implement it.