Offline Use March 2012?

Discussion created by grantcrea on Dec 17, 2012
A number of presentations on the website indicate offline functionality would be included by March of 2012.  It appears this has not happened. Has there been any update on when that might be available?

I know caches are available now and have done that.  I'm looking for even the basic ability to search data points, for example a utility worker searching for a customer's name or location and see relevant fields associated with that data point.  As an electric utility, we have large areas of territory with no coverage and without this basic ability the maps aren't much use.  Also, with all of the tablet options now that are wifi only, it only makes sense to be able to display and search a feature layer that is located on the device.  As it stands now, it seems that without a live connection to the server we no longer have a GIS app, it is just a map.

EDIT:  I meant to put this in the Runtime SDK for Android.