Raster catalog layer and clip and ship service does not work, please help

Discussion created by Ashwini_forum on Dec 13, 2012
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Hi All,

We are trying to make local data available to academic community via ArcGIS Server and geoportal server at an educational institute. As part of that work, we have managed to have vector data services and clip and ship functionality successfully working and so now I am trying to get the same thing working with Raster data. So we have a raster orthophoto imagery (1 foot) loaded as a map service, right now dynamic, but I am just testing. We will make it tiled or use a mosaic dataset eventually. So the service can be seen here and it shows up when zoomed under 1:15000. However our extract data model, does not work with this raster catalog layer, and errors out when clipping it, with a message that this tool does not work with raster catalog layer. Therefore I tried to convert this layer into a raster dataset, and it simply does not get converted, there is an unknown error 999999 and otherwise even if I make a single band raster, it doesn't display in ArcMap although there is no error message. I don't know what I am doing wrong?
Should we have data loaded in sde as raster dataset vs raster catalog? the layer has 3 bands - RGB. Our IT person informed me that sde does not give them an option of the data format when loading it. How else can I address this issue, we want students to be able to clip rasters for their study area. Kindly help. All suggestions welcome. We are using ArcGIS Server 10.1. Currently we are not using image services extension, in future we may get that.

Thanks in advance.