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new layer will not display in map

Question asked by andywinngis on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by andywinngis
I'm sure this very easy but as a progamming nitwit I cannot figure it out. When I run the script in the Python Shell in ArcGIS it runs and displays every layer (I only want to display the output of the intersect operation). When I try running the script from my toolbox it runs successfully but the desired intersect layer isn't added.

My other issue is that everytime I run the script I have to create a new "ProjectLocation_Intersect" layer. I don't want to do that, I just want one layer, how do I tell arcgis that its OK to overwrite that layer?

I'm running ArcGIS 10.1, Python 2.7.

sript follows:

# Import arcpy module import arcpy   # Local variables: mxd= arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(r"R:\lwcd\_land\GIS\SpecialProjects\Cultural_Resource_Map\Cultural_Map_template2.mxd") ProjectLocation = "R:\\lwcd\\_land\\GIS\\SpecialProjects\\Cultural_Resource_Map\\Cultural.gdb\\ProjectArea\\ProjectLocation" gm_seq_shp = "R:\\lwcd\\_land\\GIS\\Data\\Control\\gm_seq.shp" gm_par_shp = "R:\\lwcd\\_land\\GIS\\Data\\Landbase\\gm_par.shp" topbound_shp = "R:\\lwcd\\_land\\GIS\\Data\\USGSBoundaries\\topbound.shp" ProjectLocation_Layer = "ProjectLocation_Layer" topbound_Layer = "topbound_Layer" gm_seq_Layer = "gm_seq_Layer" gm_par_Layer = "gm_par_Layer" ProjectLocation_Intersect4 = "R:\\lwcd\\_land\\GIS\\SpecialProjects\\Cultural_Resource_Map\\Cultural.gdb\\ProjectArea\\ProjectLocation_Intersect4"  # Process: Make Feature Layer arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(ProjectLocation, ProjectLocation_Layer, "", "", "OBJECTID OBJECTID VISIBLE NONE;SHAPE SHAPE VISIBLE NONE;ParcelID ParcelID VISIBLE NONE;ProjectName ProjectName VISIBLE NONE")  # Process: Make Feature Layer (2) arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(topbound_shp, topbound_Layer, "", "", "FID FID VISIBLE NONE;Shape Shape VISIBLE NONE;USGS_QD_ID USGS_QD_ID VISIBLE NONE;QUAD_NAME QUAD_NAME VISIBLE NONE;MAP_EDIT MAP_EDIT VISIBLE NONE;ST_NAME1 ST_NAME1 VISIBLE NONE;ST_NAME2 ST_NAME2 VISIBLE NONE;ST_NAME3 ST_NAME3 VISIBLE NONE;ST_NAME4 ST_NAME4 VISIBLE NONE;DATE_REV DATE_REV VISIBLE NONE;DATE_PUB DATE_PUB VISIBLE NONE;PHOTO_R_DT PHOTO_R_DT VISIBLE NONE")  # Process: Make Feature Layer (3) arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(gm_seq_shp, gm_seq_Layer, "", "", "FID FID VISIBLE NONE;Shape Shape VISIBLE NONE;TAG TAG VISIBLE NONE")  # Process: Make Feature Layer (4) arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(gm_par_shp, gm_par_Layer, "", "", "FID FID VISIBLE NONE;Shape Shape VISIBLE NONE;parno parno VISIBLE NONE;owner1 owner1 VISIBLE NONE;owner2 owner2 VISIBLE NONE;tax_addr tax_addr VISIBLE NONE;tax_add2 tax_add2 VISIBLE NONE;csz csz VISIBLE NONE;revised revised VISIBLE NONE;s_t_r s_t_r VISIBLE NONE;sch_dist sch_dist VISIBLE NONE;assmt_yr assmt_yr VISIBLE NONE;lvalue lvalue VISIBLE NONE;ivalue ivalue VISIBLE NONE;avalue avalue VISIBLE NONE;doc_no doc_no VISIBLE NONE;deed_ac deed_ac VISIBLE NONE;legal1 legal1 VISIBLE NONE;legal2 legal2 VISIBLE NONE;legal3 legal3 VISIBLE NONE;legal4 legal4 VISIBLE NONE;legal5 legal5 VISIBLE NONE;legal6 legal6 VISIBLE NONE;c_sqft c_sqft VISIBLE NONE;c_acres c_acres VISIBLE NONE;prop_csz prop_csz VISIBLE NONE;prop_add prop_add VISIBLE NONE")  # Process: Intersect arcpy.Intersect_analysis("ProjectLocation_Layer #;topbound_Layer #;gm_seq_Layer #;gm_par_Layer #", ProjectLocation_Intersect4, "ALL", "", "INPUT")  # get the data frame df = arcpy.mapping.ListDataFrames(mxd,"Main Map")[0]  # add the layer to the map at the bottom of the TOC in data frame 0 addLayer = arcpy.mapping.Layer("ProjectLocation_Intersect4") arcpy.mapping.AddLayer(df, addLayer,"TOP")