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Publish service without copying data on Linux

Question asked by donbrown44 on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by donbrown44
We have AGS 10.1 running on Linux. I have a shapefile on a Linux file share that I want a Map Service to reference (I do not want the data copied to the GIS Server machine). How do I do this?

The GIS Server machine can read the data (I registered the folder to the 'Data Store' with it's Linux file path). When I author a Map Document, I need to put in the windows samba mount file path (because you can only author a map on Windows). When I go to publish, the 'analyze' tells me the data source is not registered and will be copied. I cannot register the Samba mount in the 'Data Store' because the Linux GIS Server can only read Linux file paths. If I manually edit the file path in the .mxd to it's Linux version, then try to publish, the 'analyze' tells me I have an error because of the broken file path because Windows cannot read a Linux file path. Please help....