Yet another PDF export error

Discussion created by pmcatnip on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by pmcatnip
I've got an mxd with about 3300 point features as my DDP index.  The index layer also has a joined Excel table to populate dynamic text on my layout.  Each month I update attributes on about 10-30 of those features based on the activities of our city maintenance crew and export new PDFs.  It takes hours to export the entire set to PDF so I only export the pages with recent changes.

When I try to export the selected pages I get this message: "Export failed.  An unexpected error occurred while trying to Export the Map."

This doesn't happen if I export a page range and type in the page numbers manually.  It also doesn't happen if I remove the table join, but I need that data on my layout.  There is no error code to look up.  Does anybody have a solution to this?