Multi Layer definition Queries

Discussion created by JeremyMurfitt on Dec 10, 2012
I am working on a project to secure new planning permissions (permits) for a race track. One of the key issues is noise management. Working in data view I would like to be able to view a number of layers simultaneously to aid the management of the circuit. The common data to all layers is a date field. I have five layers;

1. Event - Point Data - identifies the type of use on a particular day.
2. Weather - Point Data - wind direction and speed
3. Noise - Point Data - actual noise readings from around the circuit
4. Complaints - Point Data - locations from where we have received complaints
5. Track - Polygon Data - shows which circuit was in use

I therefore need to run definition queries on all 5 layers, preferable by using a drop down list on a toolbar.

I have been trying to do this in Python but being new to it so far haven't been able to crack it.

Any help greatly appreciated.