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concatenation of fields using python

Question asked by jessicakirby on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2012 by Caleb1987
Hi Python Guru's
I need help figuring out how to populate an attribute field using python

I need to create a label field that is a concatenation of 4 fields in my dataset; Quad, Township, Range and Section

My problem is that the Quad is a numeric field that represents the direct or text label

for example
Quad = 3 (where 1= NW, 2 = NE, 3 = SW, 4 = SE)
Township = 16
Range = 42
Section = 36

the output label field needs to be a text field that reads like this:  T16S R42W Sec36 
Where the S in township  and W in range come from the quad = 3 for SW

I have no idea where to start this one. Any help is truly appreciated!