ArcObjects Web Viewer And Oracle Application Express (App Ex) - website integration

Discussion created by jwfox1 on Dec 5, 2012

I have an architecture question that needs some clarification.

I have a client who has expressed interest in building a combined ArcObjects based web map viewer in a website that is built in deployed using Oracle Applications Express (App Ex) as the development tool. They are completely revamping a website that was originally built in ASP.NET (VB.NET) that had a spatial web viewer built in ArcObjects. The developer organization has since re-organized and now they building the new site using Oracle AppEx.

They are currently building attribute query capabilities for the new site in App Ex which was prototyped against a non-spatial test database which was an excerpt of a geodatabase they will eventually need to be using.

We need to know if it can integrate with a ArcObjects built spatial viwer in the same site and possibly pages (they would ideally like to clink on a link from the attribute results page and launch a spatial viewer - preferably built in ArcObjects in a separate frame or window and have them be co-navagatable in the current session)

I have seen "hints" that this can and has been done in various GIS discussions out on the interenet but thought some concrete real world examples can be better found here in the ESRI forums. if anyone has any examples, code samples, lessons learned they would be GREATLY appreciated. And if this can be better done using ArcOnline, deployed geodatabase services or combination thereof that would be more than greatly appricated as well!

Thanks much,

James Fox
Geodatabase Administrator (contractor) - BIA Division of Water and Power