Simple Merge of Shapefiles in a single folder

Discussion created by tjonest3 on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by donnettethayer

    I am very new to Python scripting and apparently not very good at it. I have a single folder with many shapefiles that I need to merge into a single shapefile. They are in the same projection and will not hit the 2gb limit so I assume this would be the easiest type of script to write. I have been trying to execute from PythonWin since that is the IDE the ESRI training uses but at this point I don't care where I execute it just that it works. I assume the workflow to be something like: import arcpy, set the environment to that particular folders location, apply overwrite to true, create a list of the shapefiles in the folder (i assume by telling it to look for all files with the ending ".shp"), the using the Merge_management to execute the merge.
    So with that said, could anyone offer some help. I have found a few other scripts online but they have some extra arguements for parsing and what not and I could not get them to work. All help appreciated