Plot observed and fuzzy membership values

Discussion created by olleolsson on Dec 5, 2012

I am doing a fuzzy overlay analysis and was wondering if I can plot the relationship between the observed (continuous) and the fuzzy membership values in ArcGIS 10? Perhaps I need to combine the values before the plot somehow?

Edit: I have tried to use Combine but this transforms the Membership values into integers.

Edit 2: I got it to work by using Int("Variable" * 1000) on each of the two grids before running Combine, and then dividing each variable by 1000 to extract their original values in the attribute table of the Combine raster. I found the solution in another post (http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/35263-preserving-original-raster-values-when-combining). Hence this thread may now be locked, if there are no alternative or more straightforward solutions to my problem.