Generate Spatial Weights Matrix problem in 10.1

Discussion created by KU_GEO111 on Dec 3, 2012
I am attempting to run three Hot Spot analyses of automobile accidents, one for monthly trends, another for day/night trends, and a third for daily trends. The data are represented by a projected point shapefile, with separate fields for month, day, and hour of occurrence.

My problem is that when I attempt to generate a Spatial Weights Matrix, Arc won't recognize a Date/Time field; after selecting the "Space_Time_Window" option to conceptualize, no options appear in the Date/Time field. Is there a specific data format I have to use, such as some kind of time stamp?

Additionally, I would like to follow along with the online videos covering spatial statistics, but I am hard of hearing, and only one of the ("Best Practices) is transcribed. Are there plans to add captions to the remaining workshop videos?