How to add an Icon to a AddIn button tooltip?

Discussion created by Hornbydd Champion on Nov 28, 2012
Here is one for the developer gurus...

I'm using ArcMap 10.1 and developingi in visual studio 2010 VB .net. I create a form, drop a button on it, drop a tooltip control on it and under the properties of the tooltip control I can set the properties ToolTipIcon to Info and ToolTipTitle which gives me a nice professional looking tooltip to aid my users.

Now for an ESRI AddIn button I can set the tooltip text in the Config.esriaddinx file as shown below:

<Button id="GDI_btnPointAnalysis" class="btnPointAnalysis" message="Point Analysis Tools." caption="Point Analysis Tools" tip="Point Analysis Tools" category="Tools" image="Icons\AnalysisDS.bmp" onDemand="false"/>

Is there anyway to add an info icon and title just like my button on my form?