Repeatedly getting "The layer <layer> cannot be added to the map."

Discussion created by nart.crossrail on Nov 22, 2012
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Hi there,

I am currently using the 30 day trial subscription to test some of the ArcGIS Online capabilities. I have been using ArcGIS for Dektop 10.1 to create my map and then publishing it via a Feature Service. I then did some further adjustments to the look of the map directly within ArcGIS Online, and saved it as a Web Map. I can view the map just fine from my account, but when another user tries to view it, it always throws an error about not being able to add one of the layers to the map, and eventually none of the layers do actually load.

I've been getting the same issue with multiple Web Maps created from published Feature Services, and, also for both users that have been added to the organsiation subscription, or external users in the case where the map has been made publicly available. Again, when I try to access it myself, everything seems to load fine (although I remember the very first time I opened the first map I created, it threw the same error).

Consequently, when I try to build a simple web application based solely on the ArcGIS Online map (via the web map id), the layers won't load. I only get the basemap and multiple messages in the Firebug Console saying "You do not have permissions to access this resource or perform this operation".