Global Moran's I

Discussion created by traeumer on Nov 19, 2012
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Hey everyone! I???m a beginner/intermediate arc user, and I have a question about testing for spatial; auto-correlation with Moran???s I. I???m running some test data through ARCMAP to prepare for my dissertation analyses. Since I am analyzing all Ohio census tracts, I???m wondering about the best way to conceptualize spatial relationships. From what I???ve read, I???ve narrowed the best methods down to inverse distance weighting, distance band, and zone of indifference, but I???m still not sure which one to choose. (I didn???t choose the polygon contiguity options since the tracts are very different sizes and shapes.) When I use the Global Moran???s I test, I get statistically significant results for each of these methods; results are most similar for inverse distance weighting and distance bad with z-scores being lower for zone of indifference. A distance band was applied to each of the analyses. Do you have any opinions on the best method?

If it helps, the data with the polygon is continuous.