Setting a restriction on a network

Discussion created by rudgeg on Nov 18, 2012
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I have a road link with a field called DescTerm which contains a string descriptor of the type of road.  I want to create a restriction which excludes the use of motorways in my nearest facility and service area calculations.
Using catalog I went into the properties of the network dataset, in the attributes tab created a new restriction. In the evaluators I used the following syntax:

restricted = False
If [DescTerm]="Motorway" Then
restricted = True
End If

I entered restricted in the value box.

I rebuilt the data set, brought it into a new map and set up a couple of points to create a route.  The name of the restriction  appeared already ticked in the restrictions portion of the analysis settings window of the network properties, so assumed everything was working OK, but my routes will not avoid the motorways.  Can anyone tell me where I went wrong. Also when I use identify to select a section of a restricted road I see that the along property is traversable and only the against is restricted.  I set the same evaluator for the from/to road links as the to/from.

Any suggestions for how to get this restriction working properly?

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