Consuming feature service from Javascript API: epsg id converted to ESRI wkid

Discussion created by robeym on Nov 16, 2012
I published a mxd to as a feature service. The mxd dataframe was in epsg:3111. converted the spatial reference to ESRI's wkid 102171 (not sure why).

Now, the Javascript app uses a base layer (WMS) that must be requested as epsg: 3111. I can set a Javascript map object to have a spatial reference of 3111 via its initial extent. All well and good, the base layer loads fine. However, because converted the spatial reference of the mxd to 102171 during publishing I am unable to add the feature service over the base layer (even though 3111 and 102171 refer to the same coordinate system). If I make the map object's spatial reference 102171 the feature service loads fine, but the base layer doesn't.

I will cross-post this on the Javascript API forum, but just wondered if anyone had encountered this here.