Inserting excel table objects into map layout view in Arc 10.0

Discussion created by kltrooper on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by kltrooper
I'm attempting to insert a small number of cells, containing number, text, & date data, from an excel sheet, as an object in layout view. I just need to create a simple table on the layout view mxd. I have Arc10.0 and I'm attempting insert - object - excel 2007-03 worksheet copy & paste the data from the excel sheet.  The tables look good at 1:1 scale on the mxd,  but when I zoom out to page scale, or attempt to print the mxd, the data does not fit within the table cells at page. Is there a problem with my procedure or is there a work-around, since Arc 10 does not communicate w/ excel as well as it did in 9.3?  I even tried copying the data out of a DBF worksheet.