Analysis tools-Split:error with empty geometry

Discussion created by dxsong11 on Nov 14, 2012
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Dear all,

I'm sorry to post a question about Analysis tools in this Spatial Analyst sub-forum, while I couldn't find a better place and this is urgent.
My goal is to get individual country shapefile from "World Countries??? dataset made by ESRI.
I followed these steps in Arcmap 10:
1) searched for "World Countries" from "ArcGIS onlin" function and added "world countries.shp"
2) select all countries in each continent and save as continent shapefile, say "Asia.shp"
3) Data Management Tools-Generalization-Dissolve "Asia.shp" by attribute "COUNTRY", save as "Asia_dissolve.shp"
4) Analysis Tools-Extract-Split "Asia_dissolve.shp" based on "COUNTRY" attribute to get "#.shp" for each country in Asia

Step 4) failed with error report of "the operation was attempted on an empty geometry".

I don't understand what may cause this error and how to solve this. Sincerely looking forward to any suggestions and solutions.

Thanks a lot.