Hyperlinking -- Combining Two Fields

Discussion created by ramon42 on Nov 14, 2012
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Recently I attended one of ESRI's seminars about transforming your organization. In that presentation, the live demo introduced a way to use a hyperlink combined with another field to generate a very quick way of viewing data. For example, I have parcel data with the parcel ID associated with each feature in my table. I know the County website and search parameters to follow in order to find the data associated with each parcel ID. See below:

Website: http://assessors.whatever.com/query/parcel_ID=
My Field: {ParcelID}

What I would like to do is combine the two together and have the parcel field to containing the link associated with the parcel ID. So when everything is said and done, the individual will click on the parcel and see the pop-up window come up and then just click the parcel ID number from the parcel ID field to open the assessor's website to see the information for that particular parcel. I just cannot remember for the life of me how they did it when I was at the seminar. Any help would be much appreciated!