Utilizing 'fromWKT' function in python in version 10.1

Discussion created by rwilliams_USDAERS on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by ryanhd20
I have a text file that includes a well known text type field representing polygons. I noticed version 10.1 has a python function that imports WKT to a geometry type (fromWKT). The help however does not include an example of how that function is used. Here is a test a entered into the python scripting window in ArcMap:

import arcpy

test = arcpy.FromWKT("POLYGON ((X Y,X Y,X Y,X Y,X Y))", "") >>>

It runs with no error, but how will I retrieve or view this result? Does syntax look correct?

I have many records in the text file from which I have to retrieve the WKT string for each polygon and run this function, so do I need to build this function into a record loop in order to finally get a single polygon feature class?
Thanks for the help. Ryan Williams