Manually remove SOE from java server 10.1...

Discussion created by zborowskib on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by filipkral
Hi Guys,

I was trying to verify the contents of a jar file within a .soe file to ensure some resources were in there when I pooched the server.  I accidentally de-registered the soe from server via the web interface while still having the .soe file open in winzip.  ArcServer 10.1 partially de-registered the SOE in that it doesn't show up in the web browser as being installed but I can't replace it with the new version. 

Is there a way to manually remove the SOE?

- The SOE name shows up as a visible option for SOE for all MapServer services but does NOT should up in the Site->Extensions page.

-  I deleted the .soe file from <Server_home>/usr/lib/ext and removed the entry from <Server_home>/bin/ServerTypesExt.dat and still nothing.