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Elastic Load Balancer versus Web Adapter?

Question asked by mtdave on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by mtdave
We are configuring our 10.1 Server on the Amazon AWS and we want to enable our domain and  SSL and keep this thing as flexible as possible. We plan to use the server as a Web Server and as an ArcServer though we may move the Web Server to a separate server some day. We notice that the Web Adapter and the Elastic Load Balancer seem to do similar things. What makes the most sense?

We have mostly ArcServer Javascript API apps so it seems like the Web Adapter makes the most sense since we won't have cross domain issues with that. But, the Cloud Builder set us up with an Elastic Load Balancer. Do we need that?

What are the recomendations? I haven't found much on this in the help.

Thanks, Dave