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Changing BaseMap using Gallery

Question asked by jgiesler on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by jgiesler
[LEFT]Hello Everyone,
I am having trouble changing my base map from and to one of the ESRI basemaps in my app.  I can get the portal group and items fine but when I try to get a AGSWebMap from the PortalItem and then try to create a base map from there I get a null basemap value.  I have been trying to follow this thread
[/LEFT] and the portal sample but i seem to be failing somewhere.  Below is my current code for trying get the AGSWebMapBaseMap so I can use the openIntoMapView withAlternateBaseMap method. 
Any help would be great.
(void) didSelectNewBaseMap:(AGSPortalItem *)BaseMapPortalItem {     AGSWebMap *NewBaseWebMap = [[AGSWebMap alloc] initWithPortalItem:BaseMapPortalItem];     AGSWebMapBaseMap *NewWebmapBaseMap = [[AGSWebMapBaseMap alloc]init];     NewWebmapBaseMap = [NewBaseWebMap baseMap];     [self.webmap openIntoMapView:self.mapView withAlternateBaseMap:NewWebmapBaseMap resetMapView:NO]; }