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Whats the difference between QueryFilter and QueryFilterClass?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by rfairhur24
All ArcObject Gurus,

For years when I've been developing ArcObjects VB code to create a QueryFilter I have used the following to create the object:

Dim pQueryFilter As IQueryFilter
pQueryFilter = New QueryFilter

I'm now redeveloping a 9.3 project into 10.1 using Visual Studio 2012 (VB). When I look at the code snippet examples I now see:

Dim pQueryFilter As IQueryFilter
pQueryFilter = New QueryFilterClass

If one looks at the help file on IQueryFilter Interface it says only the class QueryFilter implements the IQueryFilter interface (as well as a bunch of other classes) but no mention of the QueryFilterClass.

If I change my code to use QueryFilterClass everything compiles as normal. So what is the difference, is there some reason why ESRI are showing snippet examples with this class? Is there some sort of performance issue?