Automation Exception in addToolbox()

Discussion created by avigis on Nov 6, 2012
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I am trying to replicate the deletefeatures sample using ArcObjects and Java.

I have defined 4 classes a functiontool, a functionfactory, a toolRunner and a Main similar to the deletefeatures example.

When I run the toolRunner class as a java application from eclipse, i get

Adding Toolbox wstoolbox.tbx to the GeoProcessor...AutomationException: 0x80004005 - Unable to open solution registry key. in 'FrameworkEngine.PLTSUtils.1'
at com.esri.arcgis.geoprocessing.GeoProcessor.addToolbox(Unknown Source)
at custom.geoprocessing.watershed.WatershedModelerToolRunner.runTool(WatershedModelerToolRunner.java:195)
at custom.geoprocessing.watershed.WatershedModelerToolRunner.main(WatershedModelerToolRunner.java:175)

The deletefeatures sample is running fine. However as I do not have a JAR file for this new tool I am using the DeletefeaturesExt.jar. Can anyone shed some light on this?