Map Touch vs. Mouse Click

Discussion created by brassier on Nov 2, 2012
We have an issue where touch-screen users touch/tap the map, and their tap does not register an event like a mouse would.  Their taps on other controls (buttons, etc.) work just fine.  Other touch interactions on the map also work (multi-touch zoom, etc.).

I did see some discussion on this topic in the forums, but I didn't see a smoking gun answer.  I'd like to know how Esri suggests handling map touch/tap vs. map mouse clicks.  It seems as though the map's MouseClick event is fired for a mouse, but not a touch.  And then the map's MapGesture is fired for a touch/tap, but not a mouse click.  I've also seen some Esri samples that use MouseLeftButtonDown off a graphic/feature layer.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that some Esri WPF samples work for touch and mouse, while others only work for mouse.  See below for examples.  How does Esri suggest handling both touch and mouse events on a map?

Esri WPF Samples that DO Work for touch:
Mapping->Graphics->Add Interactively
Mapping->Behaviors and Actions->Graphics Actions

Esri WPF Samples that DO NOT Work for touch:
Mapping->Behaviors and Actions->Utility Actions -> Measure
Search->Identify Task->Identify