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Discussion created by sshenberger on Nov 1, 2012
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Good Day

I hope I am posting this in the right place. We are having problems with a line of code and we are not sure what is causing the problem. We are running a script that will create data driven pages in pdf form. The line of code that is causing the problem is as follows

  dfAsFeature = arcpy.Polygon(arcpy.Array([df.extent.lowerLeft, df.extent.lowerRight, df.extent.upperRight, df.extent.upperLeft]), df.spatialReference)
  arcpy.SelectLayerByLocation_management(gridLayer, "HAVE_THEIR_CENTER_IN", dfAsFeature, "", "NEW_SELECTION")

The dfAsFeature line always throws the TypeError:AbstractClass error. The odd part is, it works on ArcMap 10.0 but not 10.1. The 10.1 machine is using Python 2.7 while the 10.0 machine is running Python 2.6.

Thank You

Scott Shenberger
Tucson Water