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Handling NULL Dates in Labels

Question asked by jcueno on Nov 1, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by jcueno
I've got an MXD I'd like to publish in 10.1, that worked fine at 10.0.  The problem is in the dynamic labels on some of the feature classes.  I want to use an advanced label with some vbscript formatting.  Some of the records have null values in a date field.  I'd like to skip lines in the label when they encounter a null value.  It works in ArcMap 10.1 and worked in Server 10.0, but Server 10.1 pukes and refuses to even draw the layer.

I've tried:
1) if [AnnexDate] <> "" then
2) if not isnull( [AnnexDate]) then
3) if len( [AnnexDate])>0 then
4) if [AnnexDate] >=  #01-01-1800 00:00:00# then

Maybe I'm just lucky with my data, but (miraculously) ArcMap likes all of them and (surprise!) Server doesn't.

I've run out of ways to sort out NULL dates.  Any suggestions?  Other than the obvious: "use Python instead".  I haven't had time to upgrade my skills to Python.  I am welcome to ideas on what to try in Python, though.