Attributes missing from Feature Service built on Feature Class with joined table

Discussion created by MCarey73 on Oct 29, 2012
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The Attribute Table in a Feature Service that I'm publishing has mysteriously vanished and I was hoping someone would have some insight.Thanks!

Here's the process I've followed if you can bear with me:

- Start with SDE Feature Class (polygons) and SDE Table (I added an Attribute Index to this in order to make a later Join more efficient). This is an earlier version than 10, I believe it's 9.3

- In ArcMap, add these 2 items and perform a Join based on a unique field.

- Symbolize the features using a number field from joined table (Manual Breaks).

- Publish the map to ArcGIS Server, with the following changes made to the default settings before hitting Analyze:
- Increase max number of records to accommodate number of features (around 1700)
- Check Capabilites boxes for WMS(not relevant I don't think) and Feature Access
- Under Feature Access options, uncheck Create, Delete and Update as I only want viewers to work with these on a read-only basis and the SDE connection that the ArcGIS Server box uses only has read-only access
- Uncheck 'allow geometry updates'

- Hit Analyze.

- The results feature 5 Warnings but no Errors:

-Layer's draw time may be affected by slow join access times
- Layer data does not have a feature template set
- Layer's data source is ArcSDE not accessed via a direct connection
- Layer has an in-memory join or relate (Feature Service)
- Missing Tags in Item Description
- Layer draws at all scale ranges

- OK, so the service won't be winning any prizes for drawing speed and elegance, but I just need it to work right now....

- Preview works fine

- Publish works fine

- The Map Service works fine when consumed in ArcMap, symbology is correct and doing an Identify on a polygon pulls up the attributes of both the original feature class and the joined table.

- The equivalent Feature Service, when consumed in ArcMap, does not render any features. In the TOC it shows the symbology as it should be and shows the field name that it should be basing the symbolization on.
Opening the Attribute Table of the Feature Class reveals only the OBJECTID and SHAPE fields and nothing else. If the symbology is changed to Single Symbol, the layer IS drawn using that symbol.

Also, when the TOC is viewed with the List by Source option,the joined table's attributes are available to be seen and exported.

My question is, then: why are most of the attributes missing from the Attribute Table of the Feature Service polygon layer when I bring it up in ArcMap? Similarly if I go to this URL in my web browser:

http://<server name>/arcgis/rest/services/<folder name>/<service name>/FeatureServer/0

I only see the field OBJECTID where I would expect to see all of the fields including those from the joined table.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted. I'm thinking the issue is maybe with the SDE data source and its setttings.