Tiles from REST interface not working

Discussion created by mbw@geus.dk on Oct 29, 2012
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Hello all

I am trying to fetch tiles from our ArcGis Server 10.1 Service using the REST interface.

We have a cached map service and according to the help here:
�??Unlike other types of OGC services, there is no WMTS capability option to enable when creating a cached map or image service; WMTS is always enabled.�?�

I can access for example the Identify service Through REST like this: (example, not working)

However when I try to get the capabilities and see which tilematrixset was used (custom)
I get HTTP 400 The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect().

It seems to work in ESRI�??s documentation here, so I wonder if there is something wrong with our service.

Any hint, as to what we are missing?

Best regards

                                    Marianne B. Wiese