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Is it possible to export to PDF with Attributes using python?

Question asked by orivero on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by orivero
Hello listers,

I am trying to export a an atlas to a pdf with attributes.  I am trying to do this using python but in the python reference I dont find an option that preserves the attributes.

This is what I find in the the Python help as you can see there is no option for the attributes. 

ExportToPDF (map_document, out_pdf, {data_frame}, {df_export_width}, {df_export_height}, {resolution}, {image_quality}, {colorspace}, {compress_vectors}, {image_compression}, {picture_symbol}, {convert_markers}, {embed_fonts}, {layers_attributes}, {georef_info}, {jpeg_compression_quality})

Any help would be appreciated.