Using Exists Method from Geoprocessor object - C#

Discussion created by jgarcinuno on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2011 by agray1
Hello All, I am re writting a  VB6 apps to C#, I reach the point where I need to use Exists method but I had not find the right way to do it, any help it would be great.

This is my current vb6 code and it's works.

Dim Site As String
Site = GP.Exists("\\cakotrm3\Users\AHCP_Roads\Road Assessment\CA_RAD.gdb\sites", "")
if Site = true then
do something
End if

this is my current C# code (no working).
Exists(object input value, ref object data type)
if GP.Exists(@"\\cakotrm3\\Users\AHCP_Roads\Road Assessment\CA_RAD.gdb\site",object);
I got a message "No everload for 'Exists' methods takes '1' argument". I know that is related with the second Exists method argument