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attribute name-value pairs not updating in applyEdits

Question asked by townofsnowflake on Oct 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by townofsnowflake
When I applyEdits to the server, the location and subtype are properly transferred to a new record.  However, the attribute name-value pairs are not being updated.  I'm updating them using the put command.  Instead, the subtype's default attribute values are assigned to the new record. 

public void applyEdits(Geometry geometry, FeatureType subType, ArcGISFeatureLayer featureLayer) {        //create a graphic using the type     Graphic graphic = featureLayer.createFeatureWithType(subType, geometry);     Map<String, Object> attr = graphic.getAttributes();        attr.put("Number", count);        attr.put("ObserverID", userID);        attr.put("Behavior", behavior);               featureLayer.applyEdits(new Graphic[] {graphic}, null, null, new CallbackListener<FeatureEditResult[][]>() {                   public void onError(Throwable error) {        }        public void onCallback(FeatureEditResult[][] editResult) {                }          });     finish();   }

All the attributes I'm trying to update are strings.