Connect from ArcObjects 10.1 Java (1.5) to ArcSDE (10.1) + PostgreSQL (9.0.5)

Discussion created by marcos.rodriguez on Oct 4, 2012
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I'm developing a Java main app with ArcObjects 10.1, when I run this app and it tries to connect to ArcSDE 10.1 (over PostgreSQL 9.0.5) I get the following error:

AutomationException: 0x8004156b -
at Source)
at es.edb.prueba.conexiones.ConexionSDE.conectar(
at es.edb.prueba.principal.PruebaAO.main(

If I change the PropertySet with ArcSDE 9.3.1 + Oracle 10g connection params it gets success.

What should I do for solving this problem? Should I intall PostgreSQL client in client machine? Where?

Thanks in advance,

My connection code:

        public void conectar() {
  PropertySet propSet = null;
  try {
   // Create a WorkspaceFactory object within the Server's context
   gWorkspaceFactory = (SdeWorkspaceFactory) ConexionAGS.crearObjeto(SdeWorkspaceFactory.getClsid());
   // Create an instance of a PropertySet for an Oracle ArcSDE connection. 
   // The PropertySet acts as an array of keyed values that ArcSDE will use to collect
   // the connection values from:
   propSet = (PropertySet) ConexionAGS.crearObjeto(PropertySet.getClsid());
   propSet.setProperty("SERVER", "my_server_name");
   propSet.setProperty("INSTANCE", "5151");
   propSet.setProperty("DATABASE", "arcsde");
   propSet.setProperty("USER", "sde");
   propSet.setProperty("PASSWORD", "passwordsde");
   propSet.setProperty("VERSION", "SDE.DEFAULT");
   // Open the ArcSDE workspace and get a handle to it through the WorkspaceFactory, 
   // passing in the PropertySet
   gWS =, 0);
   // You now have a connection to the database through a Workspace object (gWS).
  } catch (Exception e) {


Java 1.6
arcobjects.jar 10.1
ArcSDE 10.1
PostgreSQL 9.0.5
Server Operating System: W2003 Server Standard 64 bits
Client Operating System (where I run Java main app): Windows 7 Professional 64 bits