RuntimeLocalServer, ArcGIS Desktop background processing and ArcGIS Runtime SDK

Discussion created by matthewb on Oct 2, 2012

I have recently switched to background processing in ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and noticed that the RuntimeLocalServer.exe is being used instead of the SOC/SOM method used at 10.0. While these processes don't seem to have a rest interface exposed, I've noticed that since I have enabled background processing in Desktop, the ports that the Runtime SDK uses are different (I used to get the REST content on 50000 or 50001, but now it's more like 50006 or 50007) so the Desktop-initialised processes would seem to be running on those ports.

Is it possible (or on the road map) to be able to send a 'standard' ArcGIS Desktop model/script tool to the RuntimeLocalServer.exe the same way ArcGIS Desktop does? It would be great if we didn't need to convert scripts and models developed in Desktop (consuming feature classes that persist on-disk) to GPKs (consuming in-memory data). This extra step can get quite tedious in a project with mulitple iterations of model development.