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Geometry could not be set

Question asked by criver on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2012 by robertzhang0

I am attempting to save geometry from a sketch layer.

My method /seems/ textbook to me, but perhaps there's something someone can spot that is throwing things off?

AGSFeatureTemplate *template = [self.geoLayer.templates objectAtIndex:0];// there is only 1 template self.newFeature = [self.geoLayer featureWithTemplate:template]; self.newFeature.geometry = self.sketchLayer.geometry; [self.geoLayer addFeatures:[NSArray arrayWithObject:self.newFeature]];

This results in:

{     error =     {         code = 1015;         description = "Geometry could not be set.";     };     globalId = "<null>";     objectId = 0;     success = 0; }

ANY ideas are welcome.  Google only produces a list of error codes... nothing else on this error.